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Supertortuga must be destroyed.

Supertortuga is a creation whose ambition is to raise the level on the Net to a higher plane which previously only a limited few have had the possibility to assimilate.

On numerous leading websites, each day more voices are raised to claim the belief/perception that Supertortuga is synonymous with the hope of mankind for a sustainable future. What is your view? Read and contemplate.

Many are the readers that shortly after having read this introduction, exclaim to the open air: 'what kind of incredibly stupid nonsense is this?'. Supertortuga invites you to search for the answer, which is embedded among the pages that constitute this oasis on the Net.

Growing palm-trees

Article published by Supertortuga on 2016-09-15
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I have been fond of gardening and growing plants, at least as long as I can remember. I was born in in Sweden, but since 2000 I live in Spain, which much warmer climate makes it much more suitable to cultivate some more exotic plants and more specifically palm-trees. Palm trees are members of the family Arecaceae. They grow in hot climates.

My particular interest in palm-trees has gradually resulted in a small, but growing, collection of various palm-trees, both local species and some species naturally growing outside the Iberian peninsula. Right now, my collection includes some 25 different species, almost all of them driven up from seed and all of them being grown outdoors on my terrace. The winter is fairly mild here, with temperatures seldom dropping below 0ºC during night time (but the real temperature being several degrees higher, due to the heat radiation from the house) and 10-15ºC during day time. The summer is quite a lot hotter, with an typical interday temperature range between 20ºC and 40ºC.

A part of my palm-tree collection

A part of my palm-tree collection

The Midnight Ghost Train

Article published by Supertortuga on 2016-09-12
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One of my favourite music bands is the Midnight Ghost Train, which plays a heavy rock'n roll and gospel influenced music. The band is currently made up of three members; Steve Moss (guitar and vocals), Mike Boyne (bass) and Brandon Burghart (drums). Some would argue that with only one guitar the sound will be flat, but nothing could be less true. The band produces an amazingly heavy weave of guitar, bass, drums in combination with Steve`s characteristic voice.

I like their latest album (Cold was the ground, 2015) a lot, but my favourite is still their second album (Buffalo, 2012) featuring one of my all-time favourite songs "Henry".

Less is more

Article published by Supertortuga on 2016-07-16
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The relatively recent rebirth of Supertortuga in the beginning of this year featured a complete rewrite of the old home-brewn content management system (which was created some 15 years ago and in desperate need of an update). The rebirth also signified the addition of a lot of new content - mainly on topic that I have had on my mind for the last years or so. The new CMS implemented human and search engine friendly URLs and a completed rewritten ajax based voting system, but I decided some leave some things as they were, such as presenting the content in three different languages (English, Spanish and Swedish). After having worked with the system some time, I have come to realize the great amount of time that is needed to translate the articles to two additional languages. Part of the joy of writing got lost in the process, so I decided to focus on only one language from now on. Hopefully this will keep up the motivation of writing, which will hopefully result in more articles which maintaining a high quality. Less is more.

Eternal Phase Universal Theory

Article published by Supertortuga on 2016-05-01
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Most people have heard about the Big Bang Theory, either as a theory that explains the origin of the universe or as a TV series. I am more interested in the former, even though it leaves out some vital parts. I mean, the theory behind big bang,claims that all mass in universe was concentrated in an infinitely small sized point with an enormous mass, in an empty space, which then exploded and began to expand through this empty space. This is not too easy for one to grasp.

Universe is in an expanding phase, and it is believed to continue its expansion until a point where the mass begins to contract, until it finally is concentrated in an infinitely small sized point with an enormous mass (the mass should be same as the last time it was concentrated in this small point).

When I think about it, EPUT is one hell of a fine theory.

During my period in upper second schooler, a colleague (Sjöstrand) and I formulated a theory of our own, titled Eternal Phase Universal Theory (which was stringently abbreviated to EPUT). Our theory would explain everything (therefore 'universal') and claimed that everything is repeated in recuuring phases. Had it not been for the fact that our theory was mainly the result of common nonsense, and also due to the fact that the Big Bang Theory had already beeb invented, EPUT would surely have been an establish theory today.

Get financially independent

Article published by Supertortuga on 2016-04-03
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Modern society is based on consumption which financed by paid work. In case the consumption can not be financed by saved money, the banks gladly provide credits, which must be returned with interests. Many people search for a way out of this hamster wheel to get financially independent.

But what does actually financially independent mean? Some might think that you are financially independent when you moved away from home and are free to spend your salary as you wish. Others say that you should be free from debt and even have some saved money. Or perhaps that you work for yourself without depending on an employer. All of these definitions refer to different grades of independence, but in this article I will define financial independence by being in a position where work (neither paid work nor other work) is not required for your living, but this is instead financed by passive income from capital (such as dividends or interest income) or properties (such as income from rent).

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