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Supertortuga must be destroyed.

Supertortuga is a creation whose ambition is to raise the level on the Net to a higher plane which previously only a limited few have had the possibility to assimilate.

On numerous leading websites, each day more voices are raised to claim the belief/perception that Supertortuga is synonymous with the hope of mankind for a sustainable future. What is your view? Read and contemplate.

Many are the readers that shortly after having read this introduction, exclaim to the open air: 'what kind of incredibly stupid nonsense is this?'. Supertortuga invites you to search for the answer, which is embedded among the pages that constitute this o

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Supertortuga was born in Sweden in 1973, and resides in Spain since 2000.

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Supertortuga attends personal visits on Wednesdays between 10'00-12'00 in my reception on the Bikini atoll. You can also send a mail to the following address:


Supertortuga is a small-sized tortoise, and as such sometime it takes some find the keys on the keyboard when I reply to your mails. Please have patience.

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Supertortuga says...

Mi hometown is so small that there is no local fool, the three inhabitants have to take turns.

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