The dead headhog (and other dead animals)

Published by Supertortuga on 2017-03-09
I prefer animal which are still alive.

In our modern society, most people also live in cities or suburban areas, and a lot of them never get to see wild animals (perhaps except for the animals in the zoo, the pigeons on the city square or the neighbours crazy cat, but that does not count). I have always preferred living close to the countryside, and I currently have the privilege of living close to the orange fields (which is no way can be classified as wilderness, but it is at least closer). And withing 5 km I have a natural reserve, with the wild animals you can normally find in this area (foxes,rabbits, snakes, etc).

Anyway, in the same way that the likeliness of seeing your wall decoration tends is proportional to the time spent at home, the more you move around, the likeliness of seeing interesting things will increase proportionally. I like to walk, run and ride my bicycle, and during these trips I usually see a lot of things I would not see by staying at home. I have seen a lot of wild animals, including birds, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, hares and snakes. Being wild, they tend to be shy and hide when you run into them, so I seldom catch them with my camera. However, I have also run into several dead animals, which for natural reasons are easier to take photos of. And just for the record, I don't have any perverse inclination forcing me to take photos of dead animals - I just find it interesting, since they also form part of the eco system, even after their death.

During today's evening walk, my dog suddenly became alert. Then I saw it. It was just lying there, the poor hedgehog was obviously dead, without any visible signs of a violent death. Was it an accident? Was it fate? Was it part of the masterplan of some greater almighty god? I don't know, but I think that this beautiful animal had become victim of eating the poison used in the orange plantation to keep the poblation of rats and rabbits down. Sad, but in the wilderness, animals seldom live long enough to die by age, unlike in our modern society.

Dead hedgehog. Found on an open field near the orange plantations

Dead hedgehog. Found on an open field near the orange plantations

Next week, when I pass by the same place, I will probably only find some limited remains of what was once a hedgehog. It will have turned into food for other animals (and some of them will perhaps also be poisoned). And all this happens out there constantly, I was just there in the right moment to seet it.


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